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Creating a better tomorrow today...


   Greetings fellow travelers. We are happy to find you here at the Rebirth Tribe Home Site... also home of the Living Church of the Rebirth Tribe. We appreciate this opportunity to wish you the best of love and life, always, and a most joyful journey as we enter this new millennium.
    This site is dedicated to Peace, Love, Enlightenment and the daily practice of life, love, evolution, family, rebirth, and Yup!! revolution... in a manner of speaking.
  Please stay, look around and let us share some of our life with you, some of our hopes & dreams, some of a better tomorrow... Today. 

Please help us complete this picture...  Think of a world without War, Hunger or Disease... that's good... beautiful... now hold it......   Ahhh  Got it.  Great... your picture should be ready soon, its developing right now.    Thanks.
        Peace be With You...  now that your here... look around, check out out our site, the auction, enter our church if you can find the door, see if you can imagine what were imagining... I think you'll get the picture, were developing it as we speak.


PS  Be Aware! Some areas of this site are not readily available, by link or by design, to the casual viewer... To those interrested and participating, more will be reveled as you proceed and make your choices. Should you get in... you will... be rewarded by your own efforts.            
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